The “7 Laws” Programme

Break Free From Blocks. Learn and Live
The 7 Immutable Laws of Nature
and Bring Your Dreams To Life!

Do you wish you could change yourself, your life and live the life you always dreamt of?  Are you feeling unsettled or unhappy with aspects of your life but are not yet sure what your real purpose is?  Do you feel like you keep going around in circles and seemingly never get what you want?  Or that certain things in your life just seem to be blocked or unavailable, despite your best efforts to bring them into your life? Or maybe you know what you want but your fears hold you paralysed and you sabotage your efforts over and over, staying stuck.

Are you passionate about wanting to be of real service in the world?  Do you want to give the best of yourself by sharing your unique range of skills and talents but just can’t quite work out how to bring this to fruition? Are you tired of being single or attracting the wrong person for you, or have health issues you can’t let go of? Do you feel like your ego rules the roost and won’t let you change your bad habits, keeping you small and frustrated?  Are you ready to invest in your true self and allow yourself to move onward and upward with confidence and ease?

If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions(!) then you have come to the right place! Julie has expertly and lovingly created this unique coaching programme to help you transform. It is specifically designed to give you all the tools you need to let go of blocks, the understanding and skills needed to allow clarity and focus in your day to day life and to help you to bring your biggest and best dreams to life, step by step.

This powerful programme is now available to a limited group of people per programme, on application, who are ready and willing to make the changes and take the actions required to allow themselves to live the life of their dreams.

Julie will share with you a huge amount of wisdom that she has learnt and utilised from over twenty years of working as a leading personal and leadership development trainer and coach, all around the world, with all types of people and organisations.  She is a master practitioner and certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, has studied psychology, the laws of manifestation and has also spent the past 6 years working with animals and nature, honing her skills as an interspecies communicator and healer.  She has learnt a huge amount about the animal’s species’ wisdom from the hundreds of one to one work she has undertaken and from channelling the collective consciousness of many species of animals – see her book “The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond”.

She is keen to assist you in helping you reveal blind spots and to learn new and highly effective ways of responding to whatever happens to you in your life.   She will share incredible wisdom from the laws of nature and the animal kingdom and this will help you deepen your understanding of who you are, why you are here and how you can move forward to embrace these truths and bring them into your reality, for the good of all.

So if this sounds like just the thing you have been waiting for, please contact Julie via the “Let’s Talk” contact box below right to arrange an initial conversation.


It’s time to change …
and time to support yourself through these changes

– let The Nature Coach help you bring your dreams to life!