It’s Your Time To Shine – Are You Ready And Willing?


Hello Dear Nature Tribe,  I wanted to write to you today to share something that has been bubbling up over my weekend.  It is of utmost importance to you and me.

For over twenty years now I have from time to time “suffered” with migraine headaches.  Crippling, sickening pain that forces me to stop everything and go to bed.  For most of this time I just believed I had to suffer it out and wait for it to go away.  Wasn’t it unfair?  All the usual beliefs we are conditioned to believe about things just happening to us and having to make do and suffer with it.

Anyway, although relevant, that’s not my main reason for writing today.  :0) This weekend I was banished to my bed with a really nasty migraine and yet now I know that this is my body and soul crying out for attention and stillness.  So I really listened and what emerged from the darkness was something rather magnificent and involves YOU.

The information I received was to show me the next phase of my evolution, what I am to BE and how I am to interact with the world around me.  I want to share this in brief with you and to invite you to join me in this exciting new adventure.  My following posts will then begin to share  more with you the truth about BEING our true selves, BEING our true nature and living it in every day life.  I want to invite you on this journey too – to be the change you wish to see in the world as that rather amazing soul shared with us…

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You may (or may not!) be aware that my purpose is to be one of the ones that inspires like minded souls to step up and into their true purpose, especially where it directly connects to helping change the way humanity views and treats animals and nature for the good of all – you may remember that this was my strap line for Voice of the Animals that I founded back in 2009 when I was predominantly teaching about inter species communication.  Another key part of my service is that I also love to support and guide people through the joyous process of being able to create their dreams into reality.  Following your heart and soul and offering service to the world that makes you so blissful and happy that you feel magnificent!  You LOVE life.  You shine brightly to the world!

So over the weekend, confined to my bed, breathing slowly and deeply, I allowed myself to listen to my next steps.  Even through the pain and discomfort it made me feel so excited and motivated I can’t fully tell you!

I am bringing together ALL I have experienced and all I have learnt from ancient truth, the animals wisdom, over 15 years of working with people and understanding how to help people to free themselves from old limiting beliefs and my creative skills of writing, drawing and speaking through video and audio to share it all with you.

I want to share all I have to help you to step up and into who you REALLY are – to be your true self and to shine like NEVER BEFORE.

I am dedicated to helping as many people as I can to become their true selves and to offer service to the world that makes a real difference. I am passionate about the way in which this happens – it is essential that this comes from a place of peace and love.  Sacred activism – peace based and solution focused action.  This is absolutely vital in these times.  I can not and will not tolerate anger, hatred, violence and separation consciousness mindsets, as these only do more harm.  The animals show us this in all their actions and communications, nature knows the truth of balance and the circle of life, where ALL life is revered, honoured and respected.  These are the true laws that we must remember and live, each day of our lives.

So, in order to do this, I will share a new video each month that links animal wisdom to our daily life – sharing how we apply it to bring greater balance and truth into our lives, I already posted the first one a few days ago sharing the wisdom of the Kestrel in helping us to be far more effective in our lives. I will post as I am guided to share with you the many and varied tools, methods and skills that you can work with to shape your life and to step into your true dream life.  I will share pictures of nature and animals with quotes to help keep you on track and to inspire you to keep shining.


I’d also love to hear from you about what topics you’d like me to talk about too – I will follow my intuition, of course, yet your input and ideas are hugely important and I would love to respond to your requests too.  So please do comment below or send me an e-mail at

I offer paid services that are my way of being able to support myself financially – still a requirement in these times.  I offer sacred retreats, coaching programmes, events and webinars to give the most of myself and what I can share with you.  I will share information about these with you as they draw closer. I am proud to offer these services for an exchange as this allows me to continue my service work.  Without it I would not be in a position to offer what I am meant to be offering.  I will offer different services to support different people in different life circumstances to the best of my abilities.

I am also going to be inviting people that resonate closely with my teachings and methods to join me in a brand new Facebook group – coming shortly.  If you resonate really closely with my teachings and methods I will invite you to become a part of this community.  A part of this group will focus on collaboration service – working together to become more powerful and to offer solution based actions to help in this big rebalance.

So this is the output of my migraine.  Our bodies never lie to us, they are always tuned in with our inner vibration – sharing wisdom and truth with us.  What is your body showing you right now?  What are you being called to follow with your heart and soul?  Where are you holding yourself back and small?  What is your unique and precious purpose needed so much right now?  Are you dedicated to shining your light and love fully in this lifetime?  If so, I welcome you to engage with me and the tribe here – be seen and heard and do what it takes to rise up and shine in these incredible times we are living in!  I can’t wait to meet you or to reconnect!

Sending warmth, love, peace and laughter,







Julie Lines XXX


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