How Do You Stay On Your Feet, When The Tides Are Raging Around You?

Jack by Estelle

Hello Dear Friend,

Welcome to July and to my new post – I haven’t been posting for a while, but I wanted to share more helpful ideas and my latest news here with you, all aimed  to help you to live your life more easily and with more purpose and passion, in tune with nature and her laws.

I wanted to talk with you today about the turbulent times we are all living in and how we are best able to stay on our feet, whilst all around us may be flailing and floundering.  Many of us are facing challenges on many different levels and the speed of chaos on the whole planet is escalating for sure.

Whilst talking with a dear friend today we explored that a new way of perceiving our lives now must involve integrating activities like meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, nature connection and other helpful centreing activities, as a KEY part of our daily work to be done.  Not a side activity simply to be squeezed in as and when we can – but a daily ritual that is CRUCIAL to keeping us fit for purpose and offering the best of ourselves.

What do you do every day or regularly to help you stay grounded, energised, focused and listening to your intuitive guidance?  I’d love to hear in my comments box below. Do you need to do further activities to help you?  What works best for you and how to you balance your days?

For me I find that getting this balance right is an ongoing “challenge”  I aim to meditate on waking each day for fifteen minutes, followed by half and hour of high intensity exercise.  Then breakfast and into my daily work activities.  Regular breaks from my computer to walk – go outside and connect with nature and to drink plenty of water.  A lunch break that lasts at least 30 minutes with good nutritional food and a break of 10 minutes or so to walk in the garden and relax my mind.  I then continue with work activities until around about 4:30 when I then travel over to care for Apache my horse, before returning home to prepare a great meal for dinner followed by relaxation.  Now I say I aim, as every day this is not quite how it pans out…. We are all still human and life happens eh?

Yet, I notice that when I can keep to this, my day feels better, I feel much better and I am far more productive and effective in what I achieve.  Also, on some days if I feel out of balance I realise that pushing through it or forcing myself to do things when my body is telling me otherwise is not a good thing for me or anyone else either.  If I take flexible actions based on what I need to stay or to return to balance, I get there much easier and much more effectively.

Nature, as always, provides so many examples of this ebbing and flowing in order to find balance.  My lovely cat Jack hurt his paws last week – taking several of his claws out from the nail bed, ouch!  He was understandably in a lot of discomfort.  So we took him to the vet of course to get pain relief and to give him antibiotic assistance to prevent nail bed infection but his example is so powerful.  He slept almost constantly for almost two days – only getting up to eat or to go to the bathroom.  He found peaceful spaces to sleep with the least disturbance and he paid great attention to his paws.  He listened in to his body and his needs and did what he needed to do, for him.  He sets a great example for us all.

Jack in perfect balance

So I invite you to consider this – do you include activities each day to help you stay in the best shape you can be as a PART of your daily routine, equally important as anything else?  Do you take the best care of yourself in order to give the best of yourself?  What can you change today, going forward that would help you make the biggest difference in this area?  Will you make the change?

Sending you blessings and love, Julie Lines XXX



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