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Deep down you know you are capable of bringing your biggest, most amazing dreams to life, you can feel it. Yet fears, blocks and limitations, hidden within you, frustrate you and hold you stuck in a rut. BUT you CAN break free by reconnecting with the power of your TRUE nature. This is where I can help you using my years of expertise and experience.
Start right now, by learning more as I share practical wisdom gleaned from Nature herself, that will literally change your world, via my Channel “Nature Coach TV”, below and by exploring my website further too. Are you ready to bring your dreams to life? I look forward to connecting with you.




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To help you immediately, here are my Nature Coach TV episodes, below.
They share practical golden nuggets for you about how to harness Nature’s Wisdom.

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The 3 Keys To Manifesting From Fear To Peace

In this episode of Nature Coach TV, Julie talks from her heart about her current life circumstances and how we are ALL being challenged now to really step up and into the mastery of ourselves.  Sharing her own experience of deep anxiety and fear she encourages you to use these 3 keys to help you to become more and more the master of your own experience on this beautiful planet we call home.

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5 Simple Steps To Keep You Happy, Healthy And At Peace

Are you being tested by life’s challenges?  Are you finding it tough to keep balanced with all that is going on around you, in your world?  Then this episode of Nature Coach TV is just what the Doctor ordered!

Julie shares 5 Simple yet powerful steps that when applied regularly (and generously!) will really make a HUGE impact to your state of mind, your levels of happiness , your health and your overall sense of peace, even when the seas are raging around you.  These skills are SO needed in today’s world and Julie encourages you to practice them as often as you can, staying present and aware and taking responsibility for your choices in terms of thoughts and feelings.

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Discover How Kestrel Wisdom Helps You Become Massively More Effective

Julie Lines, The Nature Coach, begins her brand new series looking at how animal species can help us to reconnect to our true nature and bring our dreams to life.

In this first episode she shares Kestrel wisdom with you and helps you to become massively more effective on a daily basis.  Listen and apply nature’s wisdom and tap into your true nature and magnificence.

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What Are Your Burning Questions About Life?

In this episode of Nature Coach TV, Julie is making a special invitation to you – to join her at her next webinar – where you can ask ANY questions you have about your life.  Whether that be to do with your purpose, your key relationships, your true calling or service or how to maintain peace and balance in your life.  Whatever your question Julie is ready and waiting to listen and offer her guidance, based on her years of experience and expertise around human nature, nature and all life.

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What ARE You Waiting For…?

In this episode of Nature Coach TV  Julie shares with you her new programme – Natural Born Leadership – Walking The Ancient Path Of The Lion Hearted Leader and asks if you are ready for this challenging, transformative and incredible 6 month group coaching programme.  Working with 5 vital components and going out to South Africa to enter into deep retreat with the White Lions of Timbavati, this programme is powerful, shares crucial ancient truths from nature herself and requires just the right group of people to work collaboratively together to take each one to new and unchartered territory…

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The 3 Daily Rituals To Keep Fear And Doubt At Bay!


Julie’s first Vlog for 2015 sets the scene for a year full of tremendous transformation and self mastery.

As all change accelerates within and around us, we are faced with two choices, resist or surrender.  Julie teaches, as The Nature Coach, how to surrender with wisdom and authenticity.  This first topic for 2015 centres on how we must prioritise, on a daily basis, rituals that enable us to master our inner fears and doubts.

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Are YOU Ready To ROAR in 2015?

If this is calling you then simply click on this link to complete your application form and Julie will contact you to arrange a suitable time to talk through your application and to see if this programme is right for you and you are right for the programme.


Julie looks forward to hearing from you.

This unique opportunity is made possible by the wonderful work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, a registered Non Profit Organisation out in South Africa and you can read more about their work here:  http://whitelions.org

If you are successful in becoming a part of this group of 10 you will be directly contributing to the vital work of the trust, both by visiting the conservancy and through a donation that I will be making to the trust in addition.  So you will be directly making a difference to this wonderful organisation and their work, simply by being a part of this very special programme!

4 Weekly Questions To Help You Balance Self Care

Hello and Welcome to my latest episode of Nature Coach TV.

The hot topic this week has been about self care and how in this frenetically busy world we live in we can stay in balance by taking the right level of self care for us.

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3 Vital Steps To Gain Greater Control Over Your Life

In this weeks episode of Nature Coach TV, Julie shares 3 vital steps that will, when you apply them, transform your life!

If you find yourself feeling as if there just isn’t enough time or that you are not making enough forward progress with your biggest and boldest goals.

Please share your thoughts and feelings below and let us know how you are getting on with these 3 vital steps.

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Are you connected to your TRUE Nature?

This week Julie asks you to consider whether you are connected to nature and your true nature.

She explores the way in which humanity has been conditioned to move away from the natural laws of the world we are an integral part of, to our own detriment.

Are you living your life in alignment with nature’s laws and cycles?  Or are you trying to bend or break these fundamental laws? What are the consequences of doing this?

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Have a magical day!

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